Life Lesson #2-Water


Water forms 71% of the Earth’s surface and is absolutely essential to all known forms of life on this planet. It doesn’t provide any calories or nutrients, but without it we would all (along with everything else) die.

And yet, on an almost global scale, we constantly underestimate it’s importance. There are still over 1 billion people on the planet who do not have safe access to clean water. Even in this country we allow our corporations to steal and poison our water supply, ruining entire communities.

So, now that I’ve established the utterly critical importance of water, can someone please tell me why I still can’t seem to force myself to drink it like I’m supposed to? I am lucky enough to live in a place that has a healthy aquifer and easy access to pure, clean water. I am intelligent enough to know the importance of water and just why our bodies need it.  I drink, just not water. I drink coffee, juice, and my own personal drug red gatorade. I know that it isn’t the same-the caffeine, sugar and salt actually contradict the good of the water these drinks contain. And yet, every day, I still struggle with it.

Why is that?

Is it just self-sabotage? Even when I’m eating right and exercising, I still struggle with the water. And I know that I’m not alone. I can tell just from the number of different gigantic sports bottles that Target sells, because let’s be honest- we only buy that stuff to motivate us, not because we actually enjoy carrying around giant jugs all day.

If I’m honest, I think that for me, the answer is actually pretty simple. Drinks are always the last place that I cut out sugar and tasty, tasty chemicals- so I build up this block to plain water in order to hold onto the yumminess for longer. Which means that yes, it is self-sabotage.


So, this Life Lesson is actually pretty easy- Water is good. Gatorade is bad. I’m off to fill up my wonderfully massive jug from Target with water and repeat that to myself until it sticks.


**Addendum! I just found this, and so far it has been helping me alot. I’m using Lemon and Grapefruit- Bonus- I’m pretty sure I’ve had less stomach issues.

Flavored Water v1.1

One thought on “Life Lesson #2-Water

  1. You have to just start by chugging lukewarm water. As much as possible. After a couple of weeks, you will grow to not necessarily like it, but to tolerate it. Then after a couple of weeks you will enjoy it. I think. But you have to keep it going. It is so easy to slip out of drinking a lot of water.


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