Life Lesson #3- Happy Mail

About a year ago, an old friend of mine had a really terrible accident. Now, a normal person might have gone to visit- or sent flowers- but I think we’ve pretty much established that I am not a normal person. And I just couldn’t, and honestly still can’t, work up the courage to go see him.

Around the same time that this happened, I had reconnected with another old friend. She was one of those people that you’ve shared so much history with, that even though you don’t see them, or hear from them, for years- you still consider them a best friend. She of course wanted me to come and visit- and again…stupid, crippling anxiety kept me from actually doing it.

So, as a way of showing that I cared, without facing down my growing anthrophobia-I decided to send them each a “Happy Mail” package. I couldn’t tell you exactly what was in those first packages- but they were essentially a mix of comic books, candy, and weird ephemera packaged up super cute with a hand written letter. And they were so much fun to make, that I just kept doing them.

Now, dealing with my social phobias aside (because that is a Whole Other post)- I realize now that by making these little packages, I was not only avoiding blatantly flaking out on my friends, but I  was coping with a major stressor in my life by playing to my strengths- giving people presents, and getting all crafty with it. And when I got my own mail back in return, well- I was hooked. It was such a cool feeling to know that someone cared enough to build this little piece of happy just for me. If their own packages were making my friends feel the way that I felt when I opened mine- then score!

Yesterday, I spent most of the day building little packages to send out to people who have asked if I would share samples of YL essential oils with them and I realized that this was an opportunity to do a sort of happiness carpet bomb on everyone that I knew. And suddenly, it wasn’t a chore anymore. It was fun finding little add-ons to individualize the packs- and playing with my ridiculous collection of stickers, papers and stamps.

Obviously, not everyone enjoys crafting. But, did you know that you can mail a beach ball just by putting stamps on it? Or movie theatre style boxes of candy? You can even mail a water bottle with a message rolled up inside it. The point isn’t really in what you are mailing. It’s just about putting a little thought and effort into making someone else happy. So go for it. Put a smile on your mailman’s face by asking him how much postage you should use to mail a frisbee.


*And if you’d like to get in on the sample action from me, just let me know. I’d be glad to shoot some happy your way!

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