Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is horrible. Let’s just put that out there. There are many different causes of chronic pain but regardless of the cause, the pain just sucks the life out of you. When you hurt, it is hard to focus on anything else. Many people turn to pharmaceuticals, for better or worse- I won’t get into all of that. I will just say that the drugs weren’t for me.

I have two kids that I have to be able to function for- and the only painkillers that actually take away any pain, also make me unable to function. That’s all there is to it. So when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and essentially told that I could manage it, but it was unlikely to ever go away- I knew that I was going to have to find something that would actually work for me.

So I did what I always do, I hit the internet. I read and I researched and eventually I came across an article about two hippy nuns in California who were growing and selling high CBD/low THC cannabis, making a topical salve from it, and selling it in their Etsy store. I had already read quite a bit about high CBD strains of cannabis being used for medical purposes. High CBD/ Low THC cannabis has been shown to be an effective treatment for pain and it is also legal- because it doesn’t have the psychoactive effects that are caused by the THC in cannabis. But I had also been reading a lot about snakeoil companies that were selling industrial hemp oil and claiming it did the same thing- it doesn’t. Hemp oil is great for your skin, but my pain would laugh it out of the room.

This article didn’t even mention the possibility that the Sisters of CBD, as they are known, were selling a fake product. The Etsy reviews were stellar- with people claiming that their lives had been changed by the salve. So, I decided to try it. What could it hurt? If it didn’t work, I could just add it to the growing pile of things that didn’t work (hello, emu oil).

Right at 10 days later I received my package. I opened it up to find the salve, a little sample size tin of the salve, and a letter informing any DEA agents that they had no right to confiscate the package due to statute blah blah and the fact that it was a totally legal product. I was excited. I promptly opened up the salve…and immediately closed it back again. It smells-very strongly- of marijuana. So strongly that I was afraid to use it because I had to pick D up from school, and I just knew someone would call DCF on me.

That was going to be a problem.

I waited until later that night, after all the running around was done and I was reasonably sure no one was going to show up at the door, and then I massaged it into my right arm- which is where my pain lives for some reason. And within ten minutes, my arm didn’t hurt. I was so effective that I thought I must be imagining it- until the pain started to slowly come back about 45 minutes later.

45 minutes without pain. That may not sound like much to you, but to me it was like a miracle. I could actually think clearly for 45 minutes. I could feel happy for 45 minutes. My life wasn’t all about trying to ignore my stupid arm and just keep going, for 45 minutes. Plus, bonus- reapplication gives you another 45 minutes! Score.

With the exception of that extremely recognizable scent, and the realization that applying it 32 times a day was going to end up being very expensive- it was awesome! So, I started thinking about a way to extend the efficacy of the salve and get rid of that smell. Enter Young Living Essential Oils.

I know, I talk about them a lot. But that’s because they’ve been such a game changer for me. Pain was my primary motivation for ordering my Premium Starter Kit. I’ve said before that it was a last ditch effort to get off my growing list of prescription drugs- and that’s true- but Pain, and his many friends, is what those drugs were supposed to be helping.

The very first thing I did when I got my kit was bust out the little bottle of Panaway- Young Living’s blend for topical pain. And it was okay- it smells fantastic, and I could see where it would be great on sore muscles. But it wasn’t going to be enough for me. I researched other essential oils that were good for pain and I made my own blend. Now, that was much better. It took about an hour to really kick in, and then it lasted about an hour. Not perfect, but better than anything else I’d tried- except the CBD.

So naturally, I turned my kitchen into a mini chemistry lab and went all Mad Scientist. The first batch was good- the last batch was “the one”. My own little blend of CBD oil and Young Living essential oils. It’s been tested by multiple people- on multiple types of pain- and they’ve all said the same thing. Give me more. Now.

I’ve been using it for just over a month now, twice a day, and the pain in my arm is so much better that I don’t even think about it half the time. It isn’t gone- and if I don’t use the cream for a couple of days in a row, it comes back just as strong as ever. I haven’t discovered some magic cure, but I have discovered a way to manage my symptoms effectively without fogging up my brain. Plus, I have been able to stop taking any painkillers (even Ibuprofen) and my muscle relaxants- which is amazing.


I’m working on a line of herbal remedies, and eventually will be at the point where I’ll start selling them- but until then I will just keep perfecting the recipe. However, if you’re local to Tallahassee and want to try it, feel free to message me to order.

**If you’d rather just go with the CBD salve from Sisters of CBD, because you like the idea of Hippy Nuns or crave the smell of really green pot- it’s an amazing product as well and I totally get that. Here’s a link to their store:SistersofCBD

***And finally, if you want to order yourself some Young Living Essential Oils because you’re tired of hearing about how amazing they are and you want to see for yourself- Here’s a link for that: Get yourself some Essential Oils!



2 thoughts on “Chronic Pain

  1. I would love to try your pain bomb!! I suffer with chronic pain from scoliosis and two spinal fusion surgeries.

    Please help!


    Lena Slaughter


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