Blue Tansy

Blue Tansy is a member of the Asteracae family that originated in Morocco. It is an interesting Essential Oil because it can be difficult to obtain the true, unadulterated oil. It is often called by the misleading names of Moroccan Tansy, Moroccan Chamomile, and Blue Moroccan Chamomile. Be sure to go by the Botanical Name, and only purchase this oil from a reputable supplier. Blue Tansy essential oil is dark blue in color due to it’s high chamazulene content.

Botanical Name: Tanacetum annuum

Common Names: Blue Tansy, Moroccan Chamomile, Blue Moroccan Chamomile

Odor Description: sweet, floral, camphorous, herbaceous

ORAC Value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)- 68,800

Contraindications: Do not take internally. Generally recommended that it should be avoided by small children, pregnant women, and those suffering from epilepsy.

Key Chemical Constituents: Ketones, Monoterpenes (up to 65%), Sesquiterpenes

Medical Properties- Antihistamine, analgesic, anesthetic, antifungal, relaxing, hormone like

Body Systems Affected: Nervous, Respiratory

Potential Medical Uses- Allergic reactions (rashes, itching, coughing, breathing problems, sneezing), insomnia, hypertension, bruises, muscle pain, hypothyroid, immuno boosting, anxiety, stress, anger, hysteria, impulsive behavior

Usage: Aromatically, Topically


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