The New Year’s Do-over- 2018 edition

I am not a fan of the New Year’s holiday. It’s so full of promises to do better- which, if you think about it, really just means you’re lamenting all the ways in which you sucked the previous year and hoping that you will do better this next one. WooHoo! Plus, if you’re a single girl like me, you automatically start the year out a little sad because you don’t get that oh-so-important kiss- (or you get the kiss, but regret it later 😉 Then you spend the next day taking down all the merry and eating gross foods because your mother says, “It’s tradition.”

Blech. Definitely not my favorite holiday.

All of that said, I am a fan of the Do-Over. And 2017 has been a year that I’m not really going to mind doing over. It’s been hard, y’all. And I did not achieve my goals. So, let’s try again, shall we?yeshi-kangrang-296068

For maximum accountability, I’m even going to share my goals with you guys. So feel free to give me a thumbs up, or disapproving shake of the head- whichever seems appropriate,  if you see me out and about this year.

Here’s my system for 2018: I have 2 planners (down from 3 last year- so don’t judge!)

My Erin Condren Hardcover is a pretty traditional weekly planner. I like it bc it has lots of room to write on each day and I write my to do lists directly in my planner. It’s also really pretty, which makes me happy.

I decided to go with a Panda Planner this year after reading an article. The creator of this planner designed it to help himself get back up on his feet after suffering from a head trauma and chronic illness. I don’t suffer any past head traumas, but my brain is definitely scrambled after taking Topomax for a year for my migraines, so I really related to the things he was saying about the difficulties of getting back to your previous normal. This planner is really interesting and I’m working on a full post about it- but all you really need to know is that it’s divided by Month, Week, and Day and it stresses the importance of reviewing your time to find where you are rocking it and where you need improvement.

adventures in getting healthy planner 2018

My goals are broken up into my Big 3 for the Year, and then smaller monthly goals.

My Big 3 Goals for 2018 are:

*Focus on myself and my own health because a healthy, happy me will create a healthy, happy family.

*Hit Silver with Young Living in 2018.

*Finish my certification in Aromatic Medicine.

And for January, my smaller goals are:

*Get the Garden plot completely cleaned up and ready for planting.

*Learn SoapMaking.

*Host 4 Online classes.

Wow. That actually felt good to write out. What about you guys? Do you have any special tricks or tips for the New Year that you’d like to share? I have a couple of 10% coupon codes for the Panda Planner on Amazon, leave a comment if you’d like one!

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