Adventures in Self-confidence

Did you know that 52.6% of all New Year’s resolutions are health related? And, according to the statistics, only 9.2% of people will achieve the goals that they set for themselves in their resolutions. I can’t decide if I think that’s depressing or simply challenging.

I must admit that my first thought upon reading those numbers was, “Bite me, Statistics.” Which surprised me a little bit, because I am not a super competitive person. I struggle with self-confidence and historically my resolve dissolves at the slightest hint of adversity. But lately I’ve been getting a teeny bit feisty. Can it be that I’m finding my inner badass?

adventures in getting healthy win the battle

*Quick aside- if you knew me when I was young, say under 25, you may have just read that and snorted. I know, I know- I used to be all kinds of feisty (or, possibly, a bit of another, less flattering term). I used to know what I wanted and not mind that my path wasn’t going to be a main highway. I used to love to argue, just for the hell of it. One of my best life-long friendships was forged on years of fighting with each other. Unfortunately, I lost that somewhere between Atlanta and Athens.

Now, I am the quiet one in the background. Pretty much always.

But.  That’s right dammit, BUT. I can’t be that anymore. I just can’t. I’m tired of not being happy- I’m tired of the all over constant ache, and the migraines, and the fatigue, and the anxiety. I spent all of last year hovering on the edge of change. I researched the best ways to change your health exhaustively- but I only implemented them sporadically. Which is insane!

Then I read those statistics that were telling me that most people never achieve their health goals, and I got mad. I spend enough time beating myself up, and keeping myself down- I don’t need anyone else to tell me that I can’t do it. Plus, nobody likes you Math!

I am going to do this. We are 5 days into January and so far, so good. I am about to go get a Raindrop Massage from my wonderful friend Christen, because I know that it will energize me and help me stay motivated. I have drunk my Ningxia and taken my vitamin D for the day. I have my giant stainless steel cup of water. I am ready to go to battle with myself- and I am ready to win.

Because, as my 12 year old told me just last night, “You seriously need a win, Mom.”



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