Who am I?

Hi! I’m Kelly, and I am first and foremost a  work in progress. I am a mom, a friend, a student, a photographer, a creator, an essential oils dealer, a writer, a unicorn lover, a dog person & a cat person, a weirdo, a geek, and a totally normal chick you wouldn’t look twice at on the street.

I have a terrible history of loving other people, ideas, and things more than I love myself and I am now on a mission to correct that. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned a few things about life. Mostly I’ve learned that I don’t know a damn thing about life. But I’ve also learned that the ultimate goal, and the hardest thing to achieve, is simply, Happiness. And I want to be Happy. Capital H, yo.

So, I’m setting off on a grand adventure to achieve that. And this blog will chronicle my journey- good and bad. Join me! Cheer me on! Learn from my mistakes! Laugh at my ridiculousness! Whatever makes you happy- do that!

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