Life Lesson #3- Happy Mail

About a year ago, an old friend of mine had a really terrible accident. Now, a normal person might have gone to visit- or sent flowers- but I think we've pretty much established that I am not a normal person. And I just couldn't, and honestly still can't, work up the courage to go see him. … Continue reading Life Lesson #3- Happy Mail

Life Lesson #2-Water

  Water forms 71% of the Earth's surface and is absolutely essential to all known forms of life on this planet. It doesn't provide any calories or nutrients, but without it we would all (along with everything else) die. And yet, on an almost global scale, we constantly underestimate it's importance. There are still over 1 … Continue reading Life Lesson #2-Water

Finding My Me Again

Not to be sexist, but I suspect the ladies are going to understand this one a lot better than the men. Our society has certain expectations for women. We are raised to be the caretakers- of pretty much everyone. That is supposed to include ourselves, but when something has to get pushed aside- well, you … Continue reading Finding My Me Again

Life Lesson #1- Essential Oils

I have always had a fascination for herbs and natural medicines, as long as I can find Science to back up the claims and ensure me that it's safe. Lavender has long been my friend-I have oils, salves, dried lavender flowers, and more lotion than any woman could ever possibly need. So when I started … Continue reading Life Lesson #1- Essential Oils