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Welcome to the Oil Geeks! We are a group within Young Living that you absolutely want to be a part of. If you enroll under me, you get access to all the perks of being in this amazing group- including educational materials, training, private Facebook groups,- with frequent freebies, monthly member’s meetings, and lots more.

I also offer everyone under me an awesome Welcome Kit, with lots of goodies to ensure that you get the most out of your Starter Kit- and a promise to be your own personal Oil Guru and answer all your questions. Essential Oils aren’t scary- and you don’t have to be a geniuswith hours of free time to learn how to use them- you just need someone to help you out along the way. And that is what we do- we help you learn to use your oils in the best way for you and your family.

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It’s easy, let’s walk through it together. When you are ordering, you will see there are two options through Young  One is a retail account.  This allows you to purchase oils at any time- it basically works just like any other web store. Shop online, put in your information, and checkout. The only difference is it will ask you for your referrer’s number, if you have one- that’s me (3622677).

The other option is called a wholesale membership.  Wholesale memberships are sort of like Costco memberships- they get you access to wholesale prices (which is 24 % off retail pricing).  Wholesale members simply order the Starter Kit, which is a steal btw, and then your only obligation to keep your wholesale pricing is to make at least $50 worth of purchases in a year. If you haven’t done that- you don’t need the discount anyway right? That’s it- Easy Peasy!

Choosing Wholesale Membership does not mean that you are signing up to sell anything, or for an autoship program. There is no hidden catch, or agenda- it’s just a great option to get you started in oils and keep you coming back with that great discount.

Here is the link: Go to SignUp page

So what’s in this Premium Starter Kit?


All of the kits come with 11 of Young Living’s most popular and versatile oils: Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Copaiba, Frankincense, Thieves, Purification, RC, DiGize, PanAway, & StressAway. You also get a nice little selection of samples and supplies for sharing (or to keep for yourself- no judgements!)

AND your choice of one of four different diffusers: maxresdefault

The Kit with Dewdrop is $160. It runs for 4hrs and clicks off as soon as it’s out of water. It also has lights that can be turned off or left on. (The retail price of the Dewdrop alone is $84!)
The Kit with Home is $160 and has the added feature of being able to set the diffuser to intermittent- this is especially helpful at night, because it will keep running while you’re sleeping. (Retail on the Home is $84.)
The Kit with Rainstone is $205. People love this one, and it goes out of stock constantly.( I just checked and it is currently in stock.) It has a more modern look to it, and also has a remote control and several different settings up to 8 hours. (The retail price for the Rainstone is $223- making it an amazing deal, just one reason why so many people love it.)
The Kit with the Aria is $260. This one is on everyone’s ultimate wishlist. It is SO pretty. It has a glass dome, and a wooden base- plays spa-like music or you can plug your usb device into it and play your own music, and it has led lights that change. It’s very spa-like. (The retail price on this one is $295- so, the kit is an amazing great deal!)

Once you’ve decided which diffuser you want, you can add any other products that you want to order- there’s a button at the bottom that says add to order. Click that baby and you can shop the entire catalog. Then you just finish filling out your billing and shipping information. Here is where you are going to want to write down all of the information you create in this section.  Username, password and pin.  Your pin is really important.  There are times where you would like to call or get a hold of customer service and you will need to know your 4-digit pin.  Just make sure it is something you are going to remember. Write all of this information down and KEEP IT! You will need it at some point in time-trust me.


FINAL STEP- Look over your order, name, address and make sure all of the information in the boxes match what you entered.  Press the PLACE ORDER button…and you DID IT! How awesome is that!?  You should receive 2 emails once you have completed the last step- 1 email confirming you created an account, and a 2nd email stating you placed an order.  Once you have received those you should be all set! If you want to poke around the virtual office the next screen that pops up will allow you to do that. 

I am so excited! Make sure you let me know once you’ve gotten that second email so I can get you added into some of the The Oil Geeks groups. Being an OilGeek has a lot of perks, and one of the biggest is all of the education and testimonials that you can get from the other members. I will also be hooking you up with a Welcome Kit to help you get the most from your Starter Kit once it arrives- keep an eye on your mailbox for that package!

Make sure that you follow this website, and that will automatically add you onto my email list. I’m not going to crazy spam you, I promise- but there are monthly specials and things that I want to make sure you don’t miss. Our team website,, is also a really great resource with tons of information.

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